Friday, February 13, 2009

Don't Think I Don't Think About It

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day.
This blog is dedicated to all my childhood loves.
Unfortunately I am not celebrating the festivities tomorrow with any of these fellows:

Macaulay Culkin
- He was a pranking genius and he got to go grocery shopping by himself. When you're 4 years old, he is a dream boy. It's probably for the better that it didn't work out- he was married and divorced by 20. And he's crazy.

Charlie Conway- Okay, so Joshua Jackson. He loved hockey and his mom. And I loved him. Even when he was Pacey. Even when he aspired to join an elite fraternity called "The Skulls". Even now when he occasionally time travels.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas- No joke. I have this exact autographed picture. Two of them. In old Tiger Beat magazines, they would have addresses for the stars and I sent away to get an autograph from JTT. I've never met a cuter cartoon lion.

Devon Sawa- He is how the film industry convinced young girls to sit through an entire ghost movie... for the chance to watch 4 minutes of Devon Sawa almost kissing Christina Ricci. We first saw him in Little Giants and then he was gone until Final Destination and that creepy movie about a possessed hand. Unfortunately those later two weren't such good choices.

Jonathan Knight- He was the shy new kid. And when I was little I had his Barbie doll. Okay, let's be honest- I still have it. The Jordan Knight Barbie doll has a real rat tail.

Zac Hanson- I was pretty sure I was going to marry him. His wife and child complicates things.

Atreyu- He lived in a magical world, rode dragons and had his own horse. This equals us being ready for marriage. Plus, check out that awesome hair.

Jonathan Brandis- He is the reason I would sit through the scary clown movie "It". And he was in "Lady Bugs" which strangely paired him with the heart throb that is Rodney Dangerfield...

Davy Jones- He was a member of the Monkees and an old man by the time I was born but when I discovered who they were, my heart was stolen. I wouldn't care if he was 100 years old.

Tom Selleck- Look at those handsome dimples. Enough said. Well, and that bowtie.

Christian Slater- tonight at the gym, the cinema room was playing Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. I remembered how much I loved Christian Slater, even if there was the possibility that he had a monkey heart.


Allison Drew said...

1. I FOR SURE loved Joshua Jackson.
2. I heard JTT was gay. I heard it from Kyle though...
3. I heard Jonathon Knight was gay too. E! news told me so I think it's legit.

MeLissa said...

Well this explains why Jonathan Knight would be the one I loved. Because I'm just not that lucky! I would HAVE to fall in love with the one who loved other boys.

gschof said...

so here's the problem. 5 of the 11 amazing boys you loved are some of the same boys i loved back when. the problem is that some are the strangest.

joshua jackson will always have my heart. bottom line.

devon sawa was surely my major crush.

jonathan knight was my favorite new kid. because my sister chose joey and my cousin had jordan. jonathan was the least ugly choice.

i actually liked rodney dangerfield over jonathan brandis.

davy jones is my super favorite little girl-old man crush. i wanted to play the tambourine really bad when i was 8.

it's probably better we have different tastes now. though davy jones is still my main man.

Anonymous said...

MeLissa... I agree with so many of those!
Jonathan Brandis was my bff. :) I wanted to marry him! Did you ever see him in SeaQuest? Did you know that he killed himself? Depressing. It's probably because I wouldn't marry him. hummmmm
Atreyu was amazing. Definitely one of my favorite movies... "SAY MY NAME Bastien..Say my name!!"
Love Christian Slater!!!! Still would marry him!! Everyone else can get out of my way because he is mine!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I still love Atreyu. So dreamy... I don't care if he's twelve years old...