Tuesday, January 13, 2009

This is only a test.

Since being Nashville, I have increased my knowledge on one of my favorite topics: all things Southern, all things country.

And the kings of that Southern air? Apparently Rick and Bubba.

One of our guy here at RYC, Jarrod Jones, is a speaker and Author. He’s had a couple of books written and they both are pretty great. Tomorrow morning he's going to be live and in living color on the Rick & Bubba Show, which is pretty crazy considering everything. He will be there to discuss his newest book, “13 Ways to Ruin Your Life.” But I'm sure they'll also talk about things like:

  • whose mama cooks better
  • which racing legend they'd want to be
  • how Walmart just keeps rolling back the prices

In seriousness, you should listen because I’m sure it will be a great interview. It starts at 8:06 AM and if you need to know where you can listen in, then here you go:

Fairbanks 93.5 FM

Alexander City 97.5 FM
Anniston 95.5 FM
Ashland 98.3 FM
Birmingham 1420 AM
Birmingham 97.3 FM
Birmingham 104.7 FM
Centre 105.9 FM
Cullman 1460 AM
Demopolis 98.5 FM
Dothan 95.5 FM
Florence 103.5 FM
Georgiana 107.7 FM
Huntsville 100.3 FM
Jackson 94.5 FM
Mobile 104.1 FM
Montgomery 101.9 FM
Scottsboro 101.7 FM
Selma 100.9 FM
Tuscaloosa 94.1 FM

Ft. Smith 1230 AM
Little Rock 106.9 FM

Century 105.1 FM
Panama City 94.5 FM

Albany 103.5 FM
Albany 1450 AM
Atlanta 98.1 FM
Atlanta 750 AM
Augusta 94.9 FM
Cairo 790 AM
Douglas 97.9 FM
Macon 98.1 FM
Tifton 92.5 FM

Ramsey 93.3 FM

Columbus 100.3 FM
Evansville 1160 AM

Leitchfield 104.9 FM
Lexington 1250 AM

Presque Isle 1390 AM

Grand Rapids 106.3 FM

Sikeston 97.9 FM

Jackson 1180 AM
Laurel-Hattiesburg 94.3 FM
Meridian 103.3 FM
Starkville 96.1 FM

Greenville 1600 AM
Sumter/Florence 94.7 FM

Chattanooga 1310 AM
Chattanooga 103.7 FM
Covington 93.5 FM
Jackson 97.7 FM
Knoxville 1240 AM
Nashville 1230 AM
Nashville 1510 AM

Richmond 93.1 FM

Portage 100.1 FM
Spooner 106.3 FM
Wausau 104.9 FM
Mullens 92.7 FM

Jarrod, myself, and the five other people I work with thank you.


leslie said...

you are hilarious.
what a plug!
your coworkers are lucky to have you.

MeLissa said...

Oh we are all plugging. I didn't realize what an institution Rick & Bubba were until I was here in Nashville!