Saturday, January 17, 2009

My job is fun most days.

One aspect of my job is we don't have an office. I work from home three days and two days we hang out at someone's house and work together. It wasn't until recently that I really began exploring my feelings on the topic.

Reasons why having no office is awesome:

  • Especially when it is 1 degree outside (literally), it is nice for my bed to be my office.

  • I can catch up on good shows like 30 Rock between phone calls

  • I get to avoid those pesky cubicle/ coworker pranks. I can't spend all day taping newspaper all over someone else's cubicle. Or pulling it off my office supplies, for that matter.

Reasons an office would be awesome:

  • We could have furniture I wouldn't normally have at home, like a foof. This extra-large foof is being enjoyed by two people almost as much as I am enjoying the jungle feeling it gives to room.

  • We could have impromptu office parties and everyone could gather in the conference room for lunch.

  • I would have a place to secretly live should I ever find myself homeless. I will just keep one of those daycare sleep mats rolled up under my desk.

  • Maybe one of my coworkers will take time and honor me by making my office look like this. Then I could feel like I was working in the future.

  • If we had an office, we could have a cool office robot. It could tell us the weather and who was calling on the phone, but mostly it would hang around and make the office more awesome just by being there.

I feel like this is the most compelling reason.
I've been thinking about it all day.
Actually this whole blog was formulated because I want an office robot.
Maybe you think the reasons for no office are pretty compelling, and I'd agree.

Office Robot.


Allison Drew said...

reasons why having no office is awesome:
-no one is freezing your stapler into a jello mold.

leslie said...

another reason why having no office is awesome:
-when i decide to hang out in nashville, you get to entertain me while on the phone with your business prospects...and i, in turn, try to waste your day with nonsense.

Scott and Lyndsay Crews said...

well, when we had an office, it was actually just a room filled up with foofs and office robots. So. it's interesting that you would immediately know that those were the biggest advantages. Perhaps one day...

Nah. Office robots are way overrated.