Monday, January 12, 2009

Loves babies & surprises, wears high heels when she exercises

She is...
  • obsessive compulsive and a worsening neat freak.
  • in love Love LOVE with color.
  • missing her puppy.
  • counting the days until Grace and Lost get here.
  • a creep because she watches at least 9 episodes of Jake & Amir a day in an effort to catch up.
  • the oldest of three crazies.
  • fighting to urge to eat ridiculous amounts of chocolate every night before bed.
  • hoping to take more pictures.
  • too lazy to upload them.
  • constantly battling an icy heart.
  • finally changing her ringtone to something awesome!
  • excited to send Allison an awesome present.
  • sad that summer will never be the same again.
  • glad that summer will never be the same again.
  • finally going to bed.
  • moving. Maybe.

Good night America.


Allison Drew said...

Moving?! What?

gschof said...

i am counting down the days when all-out crasiness will ensue.

i cannot WAIT.

watch out, nashville.

(ps the secret code verification word is priggoo. that sounds like an italian saying "preggo" as in pregnant. that's weird.)