Saturday, January 3, 2009

Inspire Me.

As it turns out, my mind thrives off of a certain amount of ridiculousness.
I love color. I love texture. I love dirty things. I like old things.
Here are good examples of things that inspire me--->

I imagine my love of color may be genetically related to my Mayan family tree. Here's some of their art. Thousands of years later, you can still see full color, curly cues, birds & trees. This is good work.

Dia de Los Muertos skulls- those crafty Mexicans let all their neon colors dominate the scenery in November. I know, skulls are usually morbid, but these are so fun, I could literally buy hundreds of them and put them everywhere.

Da Vinci- There is something to say about a guy who's still a household name 500 years after his death. Simple lines, simple guy and you'll have a hard time finding better portraiture.

Fairy Tales- The stories themselves do wonders for my imagination. The illustrations of those fairy tales can send brain waves into overdrive.

The Wizard of Oz- What an amazing story. The movie was good, the book pictures are even better.

Dr. Seuss- This man never grew up and his fearlessness in creating worlds and creatures that are so fanciful still wow me. You can pick out a Dr. Seuss character from a mile away because they are so utterly Seuss. They are a real glimpse into the mind of one unbelievably creative man.

Dick Tracy & pop art- They are nostaligic. They are fiction in a whole new sense. The characters are crazy villains like Pruneface and Flattop Jones, who look just as their name would describe. This comic strip (and movie) highlights everything that is wonderful about art decco and the 1930s.

Peter Pan- What isn't wonderful about a land where you don't grow up? A place where your best friends are Indians and your arch rivals are pirates? A place where mermaids are a common occurrence and fairies are your closest confidantes? A place where you and your best friends hang out in your tree house telling stories? I submit that there is nothing more wonderful.

Lord of the Rings- JRR Tolkein was such a story teller. He created a world to give the English people a history after the Saxon invasion erased Anglo history. It feels so real- You can't help but feel triumphant. You can't help but want to be noble. You can't help but want to adventure.

Tim Burton- his movies get songs permanently stuck in my head. I eat up the scenery and his craftiness. Every little nook and cranny is purposefully created. It's crazy to think how long it takes to make one of these movies, such attention to detail. I just can't look away.

Amelie- It's entirely in French, but he is also one of my favorite narrators. This movie follows the life of one girl who has created her own safe world alone until she realizes there is so much more out there. Her way of seeing the world inspires me. "I like to look for things no one else catches."

The Royal Tenenbaums- This movie makes me want to be eccentric, wear headbands and paint pictures on my wall. It also makes you feel not so bad about your own crazy family.

Paramore music videos- I really like this band. Their music videos usually have a lot going on in them, which I love. "Emergency" and "Decode" are favorites. Watch them here.

Robert Ryan- London artist who specializes in paper cuttings. He sells his stuff on Etsy for more than I can afford to pay on cut-up cardstock, but it's beautiful to look at.

Trees, hearts, scribbles- This is the kind of thing I can look at for years. Feel free to draw or paint these pictures for me constantly.

Everything is Illuminated- This movie is visually beautiful and the story is emotionally moving. I also feel a bond with Jonathan Safran Foer even though I'm not a boy or Jewish or from Eastern Europe. He is a collector and I entirely understand that compulsion, though I don't usually keep peoples dentures or old chewing gum.

Elsie Flannigan- How is it that one girl can completely inspire an entire community of artists so deeply? She is freakishly talented and I appreciate the heart she demonstrates in her work. I have this print- hearts, feathers and Neverland? I'm sold.

Pushing Daisies- I am VERY sad to hear this show got cancelled. There really is or was nothing like it on television. I've raved about the color and story before. I think it's evident from every photo. Lee Pace steals my heart every time and Kristin Chenoweth is a super fave.

Big Fish- Ed Bloom is a character I can love. This movie is a fairy tale in one man's mind and while the whole plot involves those stories and the strife they caused with his son, Will finally understands his father. The movie is, again, visually beautiful. Mostly, I hold storytellers in high regard.

Other honorable mentions:
  • Penelope
  • Neon colors
  • Anything involving curly-cues or swirls
  • Garden State
  • comedians like Demetri Martin (he draws a lot of pictures)
  • children's artwork
What inspires you?

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Allison Drew said...

I know which blogs you've been reading based on your post.

But seriously, I would definitely agree with most of those.

1. Da Vinci - Wow, what a genius.
2. Fairy Tales - Most definitely.
3. Pop Art - But I like the Warhol and Jasper Johns stuff from the 50's.
4. Peter Pan - Peter Pan the musical was my fave movie. I watched it about 3 times a week.
5. Lord of the Rings - For sure! And the Hobbit.
6. Tim burton - Some of his movies are so inspirational. Edward Scissorhands would be the most for me.
7. Amelie - I love it because I feel like it's a fairy tale for adults.
8. Royal Tenebaums - I actually feel that way about all of Wes anderson's movies... except bottle rocket.
9. Trees, hearts, scribbles - Trees and hearts are my favorites.
10. Elsie - That first day I discovered her blog was a good day.