Sunday, January 25, 2009

I'll be fine, just give me time.

Trust me, I know what a bad blogger I've been recently.

I love reading blogs, so I need to do a better job.
I have just been all over America recently!

  • This weekend I have re-fallen in love with Nashville. I love every part of it. I love the dirty parts and the pretty parts. I love the old houses and the new ones. I love the gray sky, I love the blue one. I love the things that Nashville reminds me of- adventure, camp, life, love, friends, the past, the future.

  • Grace Schofield has made it to Nashville and we have been to all the places I've always wanted to visit. We also had homemade ice cream, turkey avocado sandwiches, an excellent lunch at Qdoba!

  • Paul Michael was also here and he took us to the shadier sides of Nashville, as is to be expected.

  • Bo, Grace and I had dinner and game night at Weaver's house where we got to meet hisprecious wife and his four awesome, Chinese-speaking children.

  • We had a commercial shoot in an old factory building outside of downtown Nashville. We hung out with awesome folks like Emory, Sarah Cowart, Neil Hoppe, DJ Cabeen, Casey Prins, Bo Harris, Erin McGown, Scott McDaniel and Weaver! We also made a new friend. His name is Saul and that is no joke.

  • A bunch of excellent gals went to the Big Bang, this dueling piano bar in downtown Nashville. We saw a drunk woman and her husband get in a fight with this precious teeny bouncer. We also sang a lot of Billy Joel and shook our tailfeathers.

  • Last night we had a head shot photo shoot inspired by 1920s film stars. It was a late night and a lot of wardrobe changes, but I think we got some good stuff.

  • Today we went back to the factory and had a photo shoot with Grace for some of our music stuff. I can't wait to show you guys how it came out. Beautiful!

  • Dinner with Leslie after a surprise visit!
Busy, busy, busy.

-I may try to go to Maryland in three weekends to see some good ol' friends. Let me know if you want to join me for the road trip.

-Ricky Taylor and Austin Campbell will be here with their band, Meet the Sky next weekend. I can't wait to hear their music live. Check them out here!

There is a lot to be done and a lot to be glad about.

This is the verse I've been really spending a lot of time with:
"God is not a man that He should lie,
Or a son of man that He should change His mind.
Has He said, and will He not do it?
Or has He spoken, & will He not fulfill it?"
Numbers 23:19


leslie said...

you bless my heart.

i'm so glad that your face was there when i walked into your house for a crazy surprise visit. oh my.

gschof said...

i will surely be making another trip to nashville in the future. now that i have experienced the crasiness.

i showed kelly the pictures and she LOVES them :o)