Thursday, January 8, 2009

Funk Show Brotha.

Ladies and gentlemen.

Lately I have been:
  • doing tons of research and study of comedy
  • practicing songs for an ep recording this weekend
  • storyboarding the next five episodes of Erin & MeLissa Show
  • re-arranging my home
  • procuring fun items for an awesome craft project
  • reading blogs
  • learning about bmx bikers
  • spending quality time with my gal friends
  • talking to Jesus
So this blog is mostly to my 6 friends who read this blog (actually I think there are like 16 of you now- which is AWESOME!).
Know that from now on, the things said on the Erin & MeLissa Show will be scripted.
Well, they've been scripted for a while now... but anyway...

What does that even mean?

MeLissa on the E&M Show is a character.
I may say I'm a deep sea diver.
I may say I'm Jewish.
I may say I'm dating Will Smith.
It's a character.

I just wanted you guys to know that so you don't think I've lost my mind.
Its still me in there, but a funnier me.
A Jewish me, possibly.
I love you guys and thanks for sticking with me through 23 years of hair-brained schemes.
I hope to buy you all Porsches one day.


Allison Drew said...

To me, Erin and MeLissa of the Erin and MeLissa show just seem like more extreme versions of the real Erin and MeLissa.

Except when you're digitalized... which is slightly frightening.

MeLissa said...

Correcto! And sometimes Jewish.
Or robots.
Or only speaking Hindi.
Or awesome.
You get the picture.

Allison Drew said...

Totally. When are you ever Jewish? Seth Rogan is Jewish... and if he wanted to marry me I might have to convert.

J/k lifeway. Don't fire me.