Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Better Version of Me.

Believe it or not, while Erin and MeLissa of the Erin & MeLissa show do really exist, they are, in part, just characters. I know, crazy.

So I really didn't have New Years resolutions.

I came up with some goals on my drive back from Winchester, TN. Here they are:
  • Don't become too sensible
  • Take more pictures of my friends
  • Stop taking my phone with me everywhere
  • Eat at a new place every time I eat out (when possible)
  • Explore Nashville & surrounding regions
  • Start doing things with the people around me
  • Relax
I went to a cabin for New Years (thanks to Leslie, Jamie, Jared, Scotty, Travis, Susan, Casey, & Katie) and I just enjoyed being with them. I enjoyed wearing our pajamas playing Apples to Apples around a dining room table and toasting each other at midnight.

I want to enjoy things more.
I want to explore Franklin, TN and Germantown.
I want to paint pottery in West End.
I want to paint pictures in my living room.
I want to have dinner parties.
I want to hang up frames filled with photos.
I want to have people over all the time.
I want to always have people sleeping on our couch.
I want to watch all the movies I never have, and should've.
I want to personalize the things I own.
I want to use my time wisely.
I want to have a Craft Day with the wives of my co-workers.
I want to send more letters.
I want to stop worrying about that thing I have no control over.
I want to bust 2009 wide open.

Thank you to all my friends...
"...'cause I'm just trying to be a better version of me for you."
-relient K


gschof said...

the time is here, the time is now. you get to make the rules for what you do and how you do it this year.

i read these words last night and then shared them with emily to encourage her. i do the same for you now.

in the wise, wise (paraphrased) words of joshua ryan:
it's only friday 10:59 january 2. in all of eternity.

we'll be ok. we'll move forward and find amazing things to do and become. i know you're going to be amazing.

you already are a better version of you. just listen to yourself :o)

Kyle said...

Apples to Apples is my favorite game.

Allison Drew said...

I've pretty much decided to not make an resolutions this year. I know, I'm pretty lame.

I don't think I've ever played apples to apples.