Wednesday, December 10, 2008


So I personally thank Brandon Gilbert for all of my growth in personal marketing and technology.
  • He introduced me to Vimeo.
  • He pitched a quality idea involving
Most recently he has introduced me to Twitter.

You can find out fun things I'm doing throughout the day at
Fun things like me being in Texas researching fake illnesses while only being able to breathe out of one nostril.
Sign up, I'll follow you.

Recently I have been listening to ALOT of classical music. It has this magic way of making a person feel refined, like they should be living a life in rooms filled with the smells of mahogany and old books...

This has really been my favorite since my Art & Music Appreciation class in college:
Fugue in G minor by JS Bach.
HE was a flippin' rock star.

If I got to be a guest on a TV show, these would be my top choices, in order:
  1. Conan O'Brien- he is a giant redhead and you know those are my favorites. Plus I feel like we could probably talk for 15 minutes and never say anything of substance. Afterward, we'd give our stomachs a second to get over the pain of laughing and then he'd think "did we ever discuss her recent scandal?" Nope. We just spent 15 minutes discussing elephants, pralines, the state of Soviet Russia and a scenario involving Sarah Palin at a Roller Derby.

  2. Tyra Banks- she is ridiculous. And you get to come out through those two self-opening doors and walk out onto that disco square flooring. Sign me up. We would talk about how I had low self esteem throughout my public school years and then we'd talk about how now I watch America's Next Top Model and how opposed I am to cyber bullying.

  3. Ellen Degeneres- I think I would be too much of a fan to be on this show. I'd probably just stare awkwardly and laugh too loud at all of her jokes. Let's face it. She's funny. Maybe I can be on the same day as one of those Asian kids who plays the piano but they're only like 3 years old.
For the record, I will not say no to this man:


Allison Drew said...

Conan is ugly. End of story.

MeLissa said...

Conan is awesome. I think THAT is the end of the story.

leslie said...

i love you.
THAT is the end of the story.