Tuesday, December 16, 2008

...they shall take up serpents...

Today during lunch, I have been watching a show called "Hillbillies" as hosted by the illustrious Billy Ray Cyrus.

As usual, the fierce impact the media has on me has taken its toll:
  • I am currently google-ing local snake-handling churches
  • I am also currently building an immunity to rattlesnake bites
  • I'm getting Chad to help me build a moonshine still under our house
  • I'm starting a feud with my neighbors. As a result, I will also be procuring a hunting rifle
  • I will no longer be brushing my teeth
  • I will begin slurring my words together but fellow hillbillies will still be able to understand me.
  • I am getting together a couple hundred bucks and then I'm going to get a shack in the mountains of West Virginia
I'll let you decide whether or not I'm joking...
Until then, feel free to come try out my moonshine while you hang out in my living room/back yard. I'll bring the snakes.


Allison Drew said...

One time i had peach moonshine and it was realy REALLY god.

LC <3 AW 4E said...

Don't forget to dig a hole in your backyard and fill it with water so you can have a pool party. I'll be there.