Monday, December 1, 2008

Snow, marriage counseling and cutting up babies

Today it snowed. I, for sure, do not live in Florida anymore.

It didn't really pile on the ground but never have I woken up in my home, looked out the window and watched snow fall without it meaning an environmental miracle.

This led to my next fear: ice. this seems like an easy way to crash and die in your car.

Yesterday I went to a Zumba class with a wonderful gal- Lyndsay Crews. It was interesting to take a latin dance/workout class with a lady who actually appears to be latin. She was shaking body parts that I didn't know moved independently... We were running out of things to shake.

To say the least, my calves don't work today. I can't wait to go back.

According to actress Cate Blanchett, the secret to a happy marriage is spooning. That simple! Spooning. What if spouses instituted a Spooning Hour? Let's end this discussion before you start to think less of me.

My favorite magazine is Real Simple and the December issue has lots of great gift ideas for great prices. If you are expecting gifts from me, expect that I might've gotten ideas from this magazine.

Last week was Thanksgiving- I traveled the entire world in nine days. I went from Nashville to Miami to Orlando to Jacksonville to Lake City to Jacksonville to Lake City back to Nashville. I got to do lots of fun things (like be in Orlando for Kaleo and Miami for an interesting wedding!) and see lots of fun people (like family in Live Oak and friends in the LC).

Things I am thankful for:
  • boys at work who are patient with me when I ask questions about technology
  • Kelly at the YMCA who is always ready to have a full conversation when I come in the door
  • photographs of adventures from days gone by, especially if they include a yellow VW van
  • Baby pterodactyls posing as baby cousins named Ivy
  • My Google toolbar who helps me spell words correctly
  • Iron sharpening iron

Today I was thinking a lot about a story in 1 Kings (3:16-28). Its a story about Solomon and some moms and a baby. The thing I'd never noticed before- the Bible calls them what they are "prostitutes". So said story is no longer just as I remembered it from Sunday School in 1989. The truth is before we even get to addressing the topic of who should get to keep the baby, we have to address the fact that neither of them even deserves to have it. It would even be conceivable that neither one would want the baby. The baby doesn't even matter. But it does.

Point in case the drive back from Florida was a doozy and I only say that in an effort to wear my emotions more plainly.

And the feeling in my heart? Neither one of those crazies is any good for this baby. The baby really should go to anyone BUT them. The baby does end up going home with one of the two mothers, but not because that mother is "better". Not because they deserve it. But because one of the two moms thought the baby was more important. One of the mothers made the choice to stop fighting for the baby if it meant the baby got to keep living. And that mom would have to live with watching the baby walk out the door with someone else, because that was the choice she had made.

I'm not always that mom. I'm probably NOT that mom more often than I am.

All in all, today was a productive day.

Music that worked wonders on my heart today:

Jeremy Larson's "All But One Saint"

"Now you know who I am and the wrong that I'm capable of with my hands.
Some day she'll whisper my name

So you listen closely, she may never speak it again."

Mike Schmid's "To Show You My Love"

"And when I'm ugly, I know you love me
And you know all of me and
I wouldn't wish that on anyone.

There were a couple more... but they are embarrassing.

Good night America.
Good morning snow. I hope.

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gschof said...

spooning. who knew.

now i do.

i took notes for never.


i am actually hopeful. just wanted to be snarky.

you are great.