Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I am the stuff Christians like!

Stuff Christians Like blog

I just got quoted in a blog called Stuff Christians Like.
Especially people like Allison will recognize some of the stuff I wrote!
I'm the top post!



Scott and Lyndsay Crews said...

Congrats! I saw that this morning and quite impressed. Excellent work!

Adriene Huddleston said...

Melissa! Did I spot a reference to Ms Bishop?? I am so proud of you, I saw your show on Allison's facebook....I always saw a spark in you that I knew needed to be shared. I will be a fan of yours and I look forward to your articulate wisdom. Adriene

Allison Drew said...

I commented on the Stuff Christians Like blog... but not on here. Why was I only an angel once? And why was Allison Buie obsessed with glitter for months following Christmas?