Friday, December 19, 2008

Feelin' good in the neighborhood

Today was good.

There is a lot at work...
  • People are changing and growing.
  • Hearts are breaking but hearts are also getting so much stronger.
  • Today I had a fun day at work with Brandon and Scott.
  • Then I roped Erin into going with me to our company Christmas party.
  • I made a SIDE DISH!!! Roasted potatoes... and there are no reported deaths yet, so this is a plus.
  • This was also the first recorded game of Dirty Santa that did not make me want to kill myself.

Here is a picture from the party:

That's me on the far right. Or far left. It's up to you.

I won an I-tunes gift card which I promptly came home and spent. 10 new songs on the ol' Classic. What songs? you ask? I will not be telling you, lest you judge me. (And you SURELY would).

I've just felt so good lately. It's been a bright spot in the midst of storms. In turn, I feel like there is so much craziness going on in the lives around me. So, right now I just have this desire to hug everyone I see and tell them I love them. I just want to tell you I love you.

(Take it while you can. This could wear off at any second!)

So let's do one of my period Current updates:

  • Current discovery: a lot of brit stuff (Marcus Foster, Johnny Flynn, etc.)
  • Currently listening to: Flogging Molly, because it makes me think of P.S. I Love You, it makes me want to take shots off a bar in Hell's Kitchen, but mostly it makes me want to be swarthy
  • Current beverage of choice: Red Powerade
  • Current personal project: business cards & Episode 11
  • Current hobby: holiday parties
  • Current phrase I use most at work: "I'm a lady."
  • Current favorites: dirty boys singing voices
  • Current rediscovery: American Eagle toggle coat from 11th grade
  • Current song I could listen to on repeat for days: "Decode"- Paramore

Next week is Christmas. When I was a kid, it took forever to get to Christmas. From the point when you got out of school for winter break, it felt like another 9 weeks until Christmas. 9. Painful. Weeks. And now its Halloween to Christmas in a hot second. I don't even remember the last time I showered...

I'm going to Florida next week. Maybe I'll see you. Or maybe I'll see you never.

My whole life was turned around.
I was lost, but now I'm found.

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