Sunday, December 21, 2008


Two nights ago I went to sleep in a wonderful house in Dahlonega, Georgia on my way home for Christmas. Why?
A1. It's a good halfway point between Nashville and Florida. B2. Because Luke Johnson lives here and I haven't seen him since July 28th.

The month of November was not my favorite. It's probably rude of me to say that because A LOT of really good things happened. But there were some situations that arose that have really plagued me up until Friday. It started out as a rough day and then this weekend so much has finally come together for me in a big way as far as community goes.

I have really realized how lucky I am. I have good people around me that are truly invested in me. They are truly interested in my getting invested in them.

I have a good family. They are crazy and ridiculous pretty much all the time, but they are good. And this period of my life has allowed them to step up and provide for me in ways I never expected.

The Lord has caused me to be brave. He has caused me to start using the gifts He's given me. The results have been nothing short of miraculous.

Community was something I was praying for when I moved to Nashville. I've found that my community is there, but it also in places like Florida, Illinois, West Virginia, Texas, Arkansas, Maine, Massachussetts,....

I just wanted to say a couple of quick thank you's, in no particular order.

Erin, Allison, Grace, Leslie, Emory, Casey Prins, Katie Ro, Becky, Joshua Stephen, Charity & Andrew Payne, Natalie & Jose, Emily Kelley, Dale, Adam, Jessica Brown, Brandon, Scott, Gresham, Jacob too, Scott Kirby, Kyle Harrison Hickman, Daniel, Pat, Ron, Bob, Rick, Melanie, Chad Ray, Tara, Dan, Mike, Kathryn, Kyle, Adam, Greg, Mike, Katie, Kiva Mitchell, Eulie and Stacey, Shelly, Shana, Neil, Shannon, Bo Harris, Dustin, Luke Johnson, Ricky Taylor, Paul Michael, Justin Wylie, Jenni, Austin, Trevor, Jordan, Carla, Marla, Sarah, Molly, Allyn, Angela, Michael Spooner, Suzanne, Martha, Jessica, Eric, Flachner, my favorite secretary Kelsey, our favorite- Weaver, Scott, Kelly Sinnott, Douglas, and the rudest kid I know.

Now as I'm making out this list I start to feel nervous because I don't want to hurt someone's feelings by not putting their name on this list. Know that there isn't enough room on the internet to contain the appreciation I feel at the moment. I'm very lucky to have people all over the country, friends I've known a long time and friends I've just met who save my life every day.



Allison Drew said...

1. One day I will meet Luke Johnson and we will be friends.
2. Community takes effort. Sometimes it's easier to sit around and be sad rather than getting out there and making friends. That's one of the reasons camp is so great... instant community with no effort. Anyway, it's worth the work. I'm glad you have community.
3. You're welcome.

Emory said...

I love you sweet friend. You're a treasure!