Monday, November 3, 2008

VIva La Vida

So October-fest is over. It is now November.

This weekend was phenomenal.

  • Spent the night at the Lovins' house in Ashland, KY
  • Saw some fun Marshall folks in excellent Halloween costumes
  • Had an inpromptu snowball fight at a Maryland gas station
  • Met up with three of our favorites: Grace, Kelly and Sarah at the farmhouse
  • Walked around DC and saw wonderful costumes
  • Came across Michael Phelps on the metro
  • Went to Mr. Ed's Elephant Museum
  • Lunch in Gettysburg
  • Dinner in Baltimore
It is always a good time when you are on a road trip with a dozen of your favorite people!

The downside is that now is it November and I don't know what's in store. I'm worried that it won't measure up to October... I should make a plan to keep things amazing.

  • More Blogs
  • More friends- weddings, weekend adventures
  • Grace's VERY MERRY BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION (we are still working on this!)
  • Thanksgiving festivities
Also know that the Erin & MeLissa Show has released three episodes and has more on the way to come! We are working out some great new guest stars to come and visit the set. There will be lots of new topics for you guys to comment on. Thanks for all of your support. And for the one person in America who doesn't like them... you really need to get on the band wagon. It's only American.

So things you can't substitute... Good Friends. Good Adventures. Good Risks. Good Love.

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