Monday, November 24, 2008

I owe it all to Molly.

I steal a lot of things from Molly. Including this:

This is an image created by Wordle and you can plug in your blog address. It then spits out a picture created using all the words found most frequently on that page. The bigger the word, the more often its used.

Big words for me include:
  • Things
  • Maybe
  • Life
  • People
  • Know
  • Joy
  • Plans
  • Erin
  • a1 (ha!)
  • Trying
  • Love
  • Go

Check it out. I have an entire novel to write about this wedding that I went to... but we'll save that for another day. Until then, know that a MOST FABULOUS episode of the Erin and MeLissa Show comes out tomorrow in honor of Thanksgiving. I also hope you guys get to be with family on Thursday, whatever "family" means to you. Be good, be brave, I'll talk to you soon.

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