Monday, October 13, 2008

A very merry unbirthday to you.

Today was a good day.

Tonight I hung out with Justin Wylie and we had adventures in Nashville. Unfortunately I lost my mind and forgot my camera, but I will hopefully have the chance to take pictures with him tomorrow!

We read great books at Borders, purchased a new Rob Bell book and then we went to the Mercy Lounge.

I got a new CD from an AWESOME band called Seabird from Kentucky. Check them out and let's chat about it. They are muy excellente! Any time you want to go to the Mercy Lounge, let me know. You have to be 21, but it's free and you get to see eight bands. So that is zero dollars divided by 8 bands= wonderful.

Now, on a different note, my birthday is coming very soon and I'm sure you have all been waiting all year for this event. Here is a list of things that might make excellent gifts. Click on them for links to more info on them. How helpful am I?

  • Jeremy Larson's new CD
It doesn't come out until the 28th, so it's just a pre-order, but that's fine with me. Click the picture for a link to his page, and listen to some songs while you're at it. He's awesome.

  • "Curious" print by Elsie Flannigan on I've recently been reading her blog and looking at her work and I really do think she is all-around amazing. This would be much appreciated.

  • A Polaroid Camera
I think a Polaroid camera would be an awesome addition with the fact that we've had so many visitors at our house recently. We would love to take pictures of you and put them on our refrigerator.

Judge away, but Sleeping Beauty was one of my favorite movies as a kid and I promise I have no other Disney movies. Also, Sword and the Stone would be a good choice. These are both awesome.

Other options:
  • anything from
  • anything from Target
  • anything you've painted
  • anything you've taken pictures of
  • gold bars, but not gold jewelry
  • anything you've made from random items you've found in your house
Also, if you think you would like to go on a ghost tour on Saturday night, you just let me know.

"Just let me go on
Just give me one more song
If it sucks we all go home
If not we sing along."
-Seabird ["Let Me Go On"]

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Allison Drew said...

I listened to seabird. they kind of remind me of lovedrug.