Sunday, October 12, 2008

This is October.

So October is my favorite month!
Lots of birthdays. Lots of fall weather. Lots of pumpkins.

So far we've had quite a few visitors:
  1. Lee Anne, Ronda, Anna and Lynlee for a Hanson concert!
  2. Chele came to visit from Washington
  3. Leslie came down from Illinois for a pumpkin party and Dueling Pianos festivities
  4. Justin Wylie will be in town today and Tuesday for some sort of conference
  5. A van load of folks are coming in for a Coldplay concert on Halloween. I cannot EVEN wait.
I've been in my new job for a month now and so far it is more than I had ever hoped for in coming to Nashville. I also now have my own insurance. When I was growing up, for some reason beyond my knowing, I thought I wasn't ready to get married til I had insurance, which I suppose is very practical, but what kid thinks of that? Anyway, now I have insurance... so, guys out there, I'm ready when you are.

So, like I said, October is already gotten off to a great start and I've decided its going to be a month of adventure. I have plans for making every day exciting. Look forward to the results of that being here online- pictures, stories, whatever else I can fit in cyberspace.

An excellent blog to check out is A Beautiful Mess.
It makes me want to be creative.
It makes me want to take more pictures of my friends.
It makes me want to dress up like an indian.
It makes me want to marry my best friend.

Albums that are coming out that I can't wait to listen to:
a. Copeland "You Are My Sunshine"
b. Jeremy Larson "Salvation Club"

"Courage is not simply one of the virtues, but the form of every virtue at the testing point. " -C.S. Lewis.

Recently I have had plenty of occasion to be courageous, but I don't know that I've done a good job. I mean, there have been times of courage, but it is surely not been of my own accord. Lord, give me more opportunities to practice.

Today while looking at our company's website, I clicked a link to see our recent news. This took me to a large picture of a man underwater with a stingray swimming above him. Underneath, it said
"here's some news... I'm awesome!"
Unfortunately it was promptly taken down off our site.

It has also come to my attention that February 28th is a day of repute according to a sword swallowing newsletter.

"On February 28th, Sword Swallowers around the world will observe 'International Sword Swallower's Day' by doing what they do best - Swallowing swords!"

The headline reads "President Proclaims Sword Swallower's Day". This is a little misleading because I thought G.W. was ignoring his duties to the American public by taking a little time to show sword swallowers a little love. This, however is incorrect. By "president," they mean "president of the Sword Swallowers", whose group size is at this time undetermined.

Today we had lunch at a place called Monell's on the north side of town. Now, I don't know how a person would ever find this place. It's an old brick home buried amongst other brick homes, but inside are large tables where you sit with strangers and pass around Southern cooking until you have to have an ambulance rush in and pump your stomach in order for you to get out of your seat. It is delicious. If I could get the banana pudding on an IV drip, I would seriously consider it other than the inevitable severe weight gain.

Things I've been learning about recently:

  • Football
  • Web hosting
  • Photoshop
  • Events around Nashville
  • Marketing music festivals
  • pot belly pigs

Everyone is getting older. Including me. But that is another blog.

Well, I'm going to go hang out with Mr.Justin Wylie now, so I will surely have pictures up of our adventures later.

Any time you got nothing to do - and lots of time to do it - come on up.
-Mae West


Allison Drew said...

Ah! Since last halloween I've been planning on dressing up like an indian! I'm making a vest out of a paper bag. It's going to be great.

I'm glad you decided to start blogging again...

MeLissa said...

Oh it's on. I have lots of ideas written down. It's going to be good.