Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Things that may make me kill you.

There aren't a whole lot things, but here it goes:

  • Using terminology like "lol"
  • Poor driving courtesy
  • Ripping velcro anywhere near me
  • Avoiding the use of your common sense and thus making life more complicated
Yep, that about sums it up. This blog was inspired by seeing where an adult used the word "lol" in a message and I thought "Really? Were you REALLY laughing out loud?" Could they not just say it was funny? Do you know that some kids think "lol" is a word? Pronounced "ell-oh-ell". That is not a word, that is a poor abbreviation. LOL IS NOT A WORD. Alright, I might have to revamp this list.

Here we go again, "Things That May Make Me Kill You":

  • Using terminology like "lol"
That's pretty much it, aside from obvious ones like murder, gross negligence, genocide...

On a lighter note: I only have to make it through today and tomorrow before it's Coldplay time.
Currently listening to: "Moonlight Serenade" by the Glen Miller Ochestra
Currently doing: work from my warm bed
Most recent vice: Unfortunately I have been watching "The Notebook" all day, everyday. Sometimes it just hits me and I have to watch it constantly. I'll be seeing a doctor about this little problem.
Things you should check out: There is a new episode of the Erin and MeLissa Show on Facebook. Hopefully they'll be uploaded on to Youtube very soon. I was having trouble getting them on there last night, but I'll keep trying. We'll also have some fun guest star episodes after this weekend adventure, so look forward to those as well as fun photo shoot pictures.

I'll be seeing you- Billie Holiday

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