Sunday, October 12, 2008

She works hard for the money.

This is a blog outlining the exciting day of a video shoot in Florence/Sheffield, AL.

This is Brock Gill. He is exceptionally tall and in his spare time he likes hanging out in spacious cars and blowing your mind with illusion. He is also working on his Spanish speaking abilities.

This is the studio we hung out in from 11 am til 7 pm. Lucas Hastey is sitting out front, but more on him later. This little studio happens to be tucked away in the bowels of Sheffield, AL and features a delightful array of random animals that wander in and out of the building.

This is a random pair of underwear delivered to the studio by a street cat. How kind. Someone in Sheffield, AL is going to be very embarrassed when they see this.

In our time here, Brock showed me just how he convinced Auny Gill to marry him- by giving her some sugar.

Jim Monroe
used magic to give Caitlin his phone number. I feel like boys would have such an easier time with the ladies if they knew how to do this.

Jacob and Kirsten are hoping to make it onto after this.

Some of us worked harder than others. What you can't see is the fact that Loren's head is actually laying in dozens of dead beetles, which I later had to help remove. I work hard for the money.

So, to sum it all up: we were in the urban mecca of Alabama for a day filming a new DVD for two of our ministers. It was a fun break from the usual work day as we road tripped there and back. We made new friends, met new pets, learned new ways to get people to fall in love with us, but the surprise sensation of the day was Lucas showing up his rapping skills. Here are two clips of this magic.

Lucas and Jacob battle it out amongst themselves:


Allison Drew said...

I couldn't really understand anything in those two video... but I trust that they were funny. Also, you've missed like three days of blogging...

Anonymous said...

What in the WORLD were you doing in Florence, AL? I was there yesterday. No joke. From Thursday until Sunday I was in Florence Alabama. I moved to Florence from Lake City... it is the worst town of life. I'm sorry you had to go there... I hope your time there was nice. And I wish I could have run into you on the streets...