Monday, October 20, 2008

Birthday Girl.

Dear America-

Today I write to you as someone who is 23 years old. The insanity of that is something I can't even begin to explain but first I'd like to say thank you to everyone who has been a part of making my birthday wonderful. I will always love getting your wall posts and text messages and voicemails.

Pat and Allison
sent me fun packages in the mail.
Erin and Casey took me out to experience the excitement of Columbia, TN and it was wonderful.
magically appeared in Nashville with three friends to make birthday dinner super fun.

This is an update on who I am at 23.

  1. I currently live in Nashville
    (Previously- Miami, Lake City & Orlando, FL)
  2. It is 2008
    (As opposed to 1985)
  3. I am an FX Event Coordinator
    (As opposed to a newspaper writer, race car driver or Zac Hanson's wife)
  4. I drive a Honda Element
    (As opposed to the Great White in the 11th grade)
  5. I watch Pushing Daisies and Lost
    (As opposed to Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Dawson's Creek)
  6. I listen to Copeland and Seabird
    (As opposed to Hanson and the Wallflowers, but I listen to those too)
  7. My brother Josh is stationed with the Navy in Maine
    (As opposed to stationed outside my door with a Power Ranger booby trap)
  8. I love being a camp staffer
    (As opposed to being a camp camper)
  9. I play guitar and write songs about sunshine
    (As opposed to making friendship bracelets and hanging out in AOL chatrooms)
  10. I can find anything I want on
    (As opposed to Toys R Us)
  11. My brother Austin is in middle school and plays volleyball
    (As opposed to being a teeny baby)
  12. My best friends live all over America
    (As opposed to just Miami, FL. Actually none of them live there anymore!)
  13. Every Monday, I try to go to the Mercy Lounge to listen to great music.
    (As opposed to every Tuesday, I go to Tae Kwon Do and work on my yellow belt)
Thank you guys for making me everything I am. I'll see you all next year, but preferably before then.



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