Thursday, October 23, 2008

It is well with my soul.

There will be a light that is coming for the heart that holds on.

Today is a sort of sad day. It's a day when I got a sad note that was full of true things and I could not do a thing to fix it.

So this is going to be a copy-cat blog about things that inspire me:

I didn't leave the Sunshine State because I hated it. I love it- and oranges, and beaches, and vintage Florida artwork, and St. Augustine and big houses with big columns.

Pushing Daisies
Everything is like a storybook. The colors are beautiful, the costuming is fun and who wouldn't want a British man narrating their life?

Lucia Holm
She does lots of creative self-portraits and pictures of her friends. She also gets pretty crafty with Photoshop and makes some beautiful pictures.

Red Velvet Art
Right now I love reading stuff about Elsie Flannigan. This is a picture of her and her friends who operate under the title Red Velvet Art. They just look like they genuinely have fun and love what they do. It has been responsible for my current craze to take pictures of my friends and I every opportunity we get. I also make Erin participate in ridiculous photo shoots.

Linzie Hunter
She is an illustrator in London who makes simple things look awesome.

Kiva Mitchell
She has always been ahead of her time. And I have to try and be super cool so she has something to look forward to in six years.

Laura Taylor / The Darling Life
I own four of her prints and I still love them. I like seeing her recent adventures and her point of view in her pictures. I also like the idea of finding work that means something to you. I would prefer my Darling Life pictures to the expensive stuff any day.

Doers of the word
People who inspire me are people who actually do things they talk about. I can be bad about this because I'm definitely a dreamer, and sometimes even a starter. I sometimes have a harder time getting visions to complete themselves. I'd like to be better at this. Other favorite "doers" are the guys from Naive Clothing. I really like them.


So dear friends, I hope to fill my days taking pictures of us, opening packages to find paintings you've worked on, and working alongside you. I hope we get to stay up late working on nothing important. I hope you read this and do inspiring things, so I, in turn, will be inspired.

As always, your number one fan,

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Laura said...

Your blog post came up on my facebook news feed so I came on over to take a look. And is your title a Copeland reference? b/c that would be a fantastic band to reference. and also, i love that song.