Monday, May 26, 2008

Everything Starts Where It Ends

Here it is folks...9 days to lift off.

Who am I kidding? No one reads this mess.

Update- captain's journal:
-I no longer am employed by Qdoba.
-I am still currently employed by First Baptist Oviedo.
-I have been reading a lot of books.
-"Going Solo" by Roald Dahl.
-"It Came From Within" by Andy Stanley
-"The Secret Lives of Men and Women" by Frank Warren
-Okay, the last one doesn't really count because it's all pictures.

Currently Reading:
"Jesus for President" by a multitude of people, including Shane Claiborne. This book makes me so sad. Why? You ask? Well, its because I liked Shane. Really, I did. While I feel the lifestyle he pursues is wasted if you wait around for every person to commit to it, I listened to his message at Status. It didn't feel like this was the route he was going. Then I kept hearing about what he said at Catalyst. Now, mind you, I still haven't listened to this message but its on the to-do list. Especially after reading this madness. The first chapter is just so decisive for the sake of being decisive. Hebrew Scriptures? Really? Because we are saying Old Testament as a way of disqualifying its validity in comparison to the New Testament? Shane. Really. It sets it up so you can't contest anything being said, lest you deny a prophet of the Lord. Well, that's pretty high and mighty, if you ask me. I haven't finished the book yet, but I imagine there might be more where this came from.

So....Indiana Jones...I dont even think we need to talk about this. Interdimensional beings? I mean, I'm okay with the aliens, but they should at least end up in a crate like the ark of the covenant, you know? That's how Indiana Jones ends. He can get married, he can have a kid, he can join a cult for all I care. The crap needs to go in a crate, though. End of story.

George Lucas. Really?

Today I killed a spider while I was in the shower. I feel like the shower should be off-limits to mother nature. How fair is it when there is a mosquito in the shower? And then you get out and realize you have an itch in the middle of your chest. That is VERY inconvenient when you have clothes on and you have to be presentable in public. Mosquitos aren't having to deal with that mess, so I just feel like they should at least do me the courtesy of waiting til I'm on top of my game, you know what I mean? Don't bite me in the butt. That's unfair by any standard.

Maybe Im being super patriotic. Regardless of whether or not you have an opinion on the current war, whether or not you know where Iraq even is, you should stand up out of respect on Memorial Day. a1. The people you are honoring aren't just coming from this latest catastrophe. This is American Revolution death. This is WWI death. You get the idea. Don't be so pretentious. b2. I feel like the only people who should get to choose whether or not they stand up are people who have been there. What kind of jerk am I going to be not to stand up over principle? Because I know how bad it sucks? Because I've spent Christmas with a camel spider the past two years? No, I've been at home in my Ikea bedsheets with my Ipod lulling me to sleep. You have been too. Don't be a jerk.

This has really jumped around...

"Sweet and Low" by Augustana is good, good.

I will be here in 9 days. A place called Middletown? I think.

Then I will be here:

I mean, West Virginia.

I have some friends from West Virginia and they painted a pretty dramatic picture. Im hoping the churches coming to hang out with us are not the snake-handling variety. Or, at least, they will leave their snakes at home for the week.

Finally, we will end up here:

Michigan. The forgotten state of the East Coast...because it's not on the East Coast.

We are driving to all these places...considering the price of gas, it could get a little scary. As in, Lifeway coordinators may be selling their children to pay for this camp. Or that's what I've heard.

I think this is enough. One should not write blogs at 2 am.


Offbrand said...

Well I found this and I am pleased.....

Anonymous said...

Melissa Gavarrette. I will never tire of your words.

-Jessica R. Brown