Thursday, April 10, 2008

Open letter to URL jerks

Dear jerk-trons:

You have made the process of choosing a blog title more tedious than necessary.


Because you stole and the last time you posted your garbage post of "Hey! This is my blog! Blah" it was 2001. 2001! I had to bold that because you can't capitalize numbers.

You also stole:

strangely- was still available.

Look, don't be rude Mr.2001. Come back from you life in the future and delete your blog. I mean, you're lucky I'm pretty crazy and could still come up with a good URL despite your rudeness. But there are others who aren't as crafty. This could be considered community service on your part. Have a heart.

Sincerely, but with an intensity unlike any other,
MeLissa (the "L" is capitalized on purpose)

As promised, here's a picture:

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