Sunday, April 13, 2008

Don't Blink

What a crazy day.

Today Qdoba had a Grand Re-opening in Maitland. It rained just about every second until we finally shut everything down. Then the sun came out.

-I got my face painted and have since decided to schedule the clown to come do my makeup every morning before work. I feel like it will help in the boyfriend department.

-I had samples from every store on our strip. Stand outs would be Naked Burritos from Qdoba and Ritaccinos from Rita's Italian Ice. It may be all I drink for a while since I maxed out on Peppermint White Chocoloate Mochas from Starbucks.

(sidenote: "The Sweetest Girl" is playing right now and it IS my current favorite. Cash rules everything around me.)

-Rita's had this guy in an Italian Ice costume. I think we're technically dating now. I mean, at least I think he should buy me dinner, you know? He's definitely light on his feet and videos might pop up online. I'm just saying.

She used to run track back in high school. Now she's tricks on the track right by her school.
And the she runs to the pastor and he tells her there will be a new chapter.
But she feels no different after. And then she asks him "Where my money at?"

In four days I will be back in Nashville which will be wonderful because I'll be hanging out with DD folks and I can't make any promises that there will be no mischief to be had. I just know too many places that are open late in Nashville to stay in my hotel room. And early- like The Pancake Pantry. If you are alright with being 500 hundred pounds, go every morning and have Chocoloate Chip Pancakes. You may be 500 hundred pounds, but you'll be so happy.

On our album "They Were Sea Lions" I think Erin and I will probably include segments of our favorite hymns. Look, I used to dog hymns, especially ones about astronauts. But I really love some. Want to have a good day? Listen to Sufjan Stevens sing "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing." That song makes me think of adventures and roadtrips. Or maybe "Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)" performed by Chris Tomlin. That song makes me think of Weaver. I just think its important for kids to know classics, so they don't think that Justin Timberlake invented music.

Okay, so the point of me writing this blog is I haven't recently been realizing how much is staying here after I go. I have been so ready to go for a while now. I mean, in December I was making plans to just go ahead and move to Nashville. But can I tell you that I would have missed seeing so many wonderful things. Really, in this four month period I have watched my high schoolers grow tremendously, I have seen what it means to live a missional life, I have gained so much knowledge and experience from working at church and Qdoba. I have developed some strange relationships. Today at the Grand Opening, I realized how much the people at the restaurant have grown on me. I've also realized that I there were so many people at the neighboring shops that I barely know. I want to know them! Kayniel is this hilarious guy from Fed-Ex Kinkos who isn't a stranger in any situation. He always has something to say and its pretty funny. I'll be the one laughing when I steal his jokes and use them to make myself famous. Adam is this guy from Rita's who looks like a kid named Nate Gurtler from Wyoming and he has mad dance skills. The girls from Rita's are these little crafty gals who can throw a game together in a second. I think there's a calling for them at Fuge. I just realized that if I were staying in Orlando, that would be my family. How strange to see two roads diverging.

My high schoolers are growing up. They lead themselves, they go on missions trips. They are maturing and acting responsibly. I don't even know who they are sometimes! There are occasions where I have to beat them up, but that could also be the roids talking.

Moral of the story is it is times like these when you have to hope you're praying and hearing correctly, because there are a lot of reasons to stay. Moving to Nashville at this point seems a little risky. Trade the place that I've carved out for myself here for the unknown? What if I get there and I don't make any friends? Or I have nowhere to play music and so I'm sad and unfulfilled artistically? What if I have no money? What if my house gets broken into and someone steals all my color pencils? What if I have to get my wisdom teeth taken out and there is no one there to take care of me and get me applesauce? This could be bad news.

"No distrust made him waver concerning the promises of God, but he grew strong in his faith as he gave glory to God." Romans 4:20

Man, when you think you're getting direction, you just have to run with it. You just got to enjoy every second along the way, every moment of the journey, which isn't always the easiest thing to even remember to do. You're always looking forward to what's coming next and I'm the most guilty of forgetting to enjoy today while I have it. Tomorrow is always tentatively scheduled but today doesn't come back. I wont get back time that I floated down the Ichetucknee with Allison, Pat, Lauren, Erica, Aleah, Jessica, Chris Phillips, David Breeden, etc. I won't ever be 14 years old again, having a costume party at my house where Luc Houle and Nick Rollison will show up as two thirds of the trinity. I won't get back time I went to lunch with Kelsey or Kiva. I won't get back late evenings where Debbie Ward comes driving through the church parking lot wondering where her son is...sorry. Point in case, today is good.

There are so many times I just wish God would send me a fax, maybe a text message that said "MeLissa, wear the red shirt" or "Go see Saw III". I feel like that would make decision making so simple, but that's not how it works always. So when you hear, you just got to do it, you know? That's part of what faith is- trusting that the guy who made the universe can also handle taking care of your life. I'm packing my stuff and enjoying the ride. I know the people here in Orlando are being prepared to just take off and excel and I'm proud of them, proud to have been a part of them.

I'm leaving on a jet plane, don't know when I'll be back again. -John Denver

I turned on the evening news, saw a old man being interviewed
Turning a hundred and two today, asked him what's the secret to life
He looked up from his old pipe, Laughed and said "All I can say is
Don't blink- just like that you're six years old and you take a nap and you
Wake up and you're twenty-five and your high school sweetheart becomes your wife
Don't blink, you just might miss your babies growing like mine did
Turning into moms and dads next thing you know your
"better half"Of fifty years is there in bed
And you're praying God takes you instead
Trust me friend, a hundred years goes faster than you think
So don't blink


Colleen said...

I am glad I was able to get to know you, to be blessed by you. I have listened to our audio from the wedding, and I know that I will always have your beautiful voice singing and praising Him. You will go far, and you will find much happiness, for you bring so much of it to others!

I love you, my friend.


Mommy 2 Hope said...

You are an inspiration.

leslie said...

you are gavarettastic!
love you!