Thursday, April 10, 2008

Can I have your attention please?

So this has been a week long situation of me trying to come up with a blog name.

Couldn't have anything to slanted so that its weird when I write things that don't go along with the theme:

-"" but I write about instances of seeing butt cracks in the grocery store.
-"" but I write about white people things. (I can say that because I'm biracial. That's a rule I've seen somewhere)
-"" but I write about the saving and redeeming grace that Christ gives us regardless of how much we think we do or do not deserve it.

So a little about myself?
I tell stories.
I tell jokes, but not when I really need to be witty.
I've just started running. My arms hurt worse than my legs.
I have too much sugar in my diet.
I count things.
Everyday I should immediately wake up and pray for gentleness.
I probably should see a therapist sometime soon. I hear its good for you.
I'm prone to avoid difficult conversations.
Things for you to expect from this blog:
-I like to make lists.
-I like to incorporate obscure song lyrics into my writing.
-Sarcasm. You're going to wonder if I'm serious, but just chalk it up to sarcasm.
-I'm going to attempt to also include pictures because I feel like they really jazz the place up.
-Don't expect for blogs to be related. I think I have undiagnosed ADD.
-You will hear alot about the same people: Erin, Allison, Kyle, Pat, Aaron Marsh, Jesus.

Look, let's have one rule though. This is my blog, and while the idea of "mine" is something I'll most assuredly write about in the future, know that I don't necessarily like to label things like that. But this is mine, so maybe, especially if I never see a therapist, I might write about things that are awkward. Most likely they will be more awkward for me than for you, seeing as there are a PLETHORA of things that make me feel awkward. I might use names gratuitously. I might reference touchy situations. I might. But with taste.


kelsey Bonnette said...

i used the word plethora like twenty times today. i love it. so im really glad you used it in your blog that made my day. i enjoy reading lists just like i like to stand in lines and i hate when people hear me pee

Kyle Hickman said...

The people reading this better hear a lot about me. Shoot.

Molly said...

Yay for a MeLissa blog!!

Mommy 2 Hope said...

So excited - MeLissa material for my enjoyment, I'm sure!