Monday, April 28, 2008

Another Day In Paradise

Today, over dinner, my family and I listened to "I Honestly Love You" by Olivia Newton John.

ANOTHER THING RUDE DINERS DO: They do NOT check to see if anyone is coming through the door behind them. Today I was slammed in a doorway for the umpteenth time. No, don't worry. I don't need my right arm or my entire cup of Lemonade.

So camp is getting closer, which means work is almost done, which means its time for me to pack my stuff up, which means its time to find a place to live, which means its time to be an adult.

I literally JUST had my first sip of Dragonfruit Vitamin Water= heaven.

Someone told me my nose is reminiscent of Jennifer Lopez. I figure that's a nice thing, because they could've spent the afternoon telling me ways I was unlike JLo. "You know how she has a great butt?" "You know how she can dance?" "You know how she a bajillion dollars" "You know how she is married to Marc Anthony?" For the record: I'd rather not be married to Marc Anthony.

There are definitely some similarities. I, however, do not have diamond earrings. Or a bouffant, for that matter.

I'm pretty glad that Michael Buble's "Lost" didn't exist at a time when I was breaking up when a boyfriend, because I surely would've jumped off a bridge.

I'm pretty glad Mariah Carey's "Touch My Body" didn't exist when I was learning to interact with boys, because I surely would've been laughed at until I was an incurable hermit.

I've started reading "Praise Habit" by David Crowder. So far I've made it through, like, three chapters. But in a real book, that's only equal to like half a chapter because David Crowder does not write like a normal person, which I enjoy.

The topic of Red Rover came up yesterday. Oh yes, the infamous RED ROVER. Bear with me as I am learning to use some of these blog features to better enhance your reading experience. Bare? Bear? Behr? Anyway. Red Rover. So Dan Byrd mentioned that Red Rover was the fat kid's game. He meant that this was a game where a more endowed kid would feel like he could participate because his weight would be an advantage. Now, he did not necessarily consider that Red Rover is like death for the heavier GIRL. Why? Because when every skinny 3rd grade boy gets skipped over because each team is trying to compile a supercrew of fat (which includes YOU as their crowned princess), you want to die. First, you have to run, which is no good. Then what do you do? Do you crush their weak, baby hands and run through like you're capable of doing and cement your place as fat girl in the class? Or do you ridiculously jaunt across and pretend you aren't heavy enough to break through their arms, causing even 3rd graders to realize you had every potential of making it through the barricade of small kids? Either way, you lose. Either way, you could still possibly end up falling flat on your back and having to find a teacher before your entire class sees you crying. Red Rover, why do you do what you do? Why is elementary school so emotionally devastating?

Fast Fact: Every October 22nd, I remember that it's Zac Hanson's birthday.

Alright, lets end on the topic of love.

What are your thoughts:
-Is there a "one"? Or are there lots of possible "ones"?
-How do you know when you have a one?

Actually, lets end on a wonderful video created by one of my favorite bloggers named Cody who I once spent a week with on top of a mountain.

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gschof said...

i just wanted you to know that i read this tonight and laughed. a lot. because this is funny stuff.

3 years later.